My MOO Cards

Hey guys! So two years ago when I first moved to Austin, I was constantly asked for my contact information when I was out and about meeting new people. I decided I needed to order some business cards... but in true Emilee fashion I wanted them to be unique and cute. After doing some research and asking around, a friend pointed me in the right direction. That is when I discovered MOO cards!

MOO is an online print company that specializes in high-quality card printing for an affordable price. They have online development tools to customize thier templates or build your own designs. For the pros out there, you can even upload your own artwork. In addition they have super cute options for card sizes and finishes. I fell in love with the MiniCards, which are about half the size of regular business cards (see photo above).  I featured five different photos and eagerly ordered my first batch of cards.

That first order was over a year ago and they have been so clutch for me and my model networking. Not only do they serve their purpose but they really do stand out and since the quality is so good, people tend to hold on to them. Needless to say I have already run out of my initial order so its time for my second batch! This time I decided to increase to 10 photos so I could showcase more of my favorite shots and photographers. After a few days of going through all my photos I finally decided the shots I would include. It was so hard considering I have worked with so many talented photographers over the last few years. If you don't see one of your pictures, I promise I will choose more next time... so stay tuned! 

Check out my 10 photo choices in the gallery below!

Click for larger image and photo credits.

> Photographers: Nufo Salinas, Reynaldo Vento, Martha Galvan, Chime, Victoria, Adrian Lopez, Shane James, Laura Kay Saucedo
> Hair/MUA: Louis Chapa, Kassandra Cortez, Antonio Von Marrok, Hayley Kassel, Sophie Leonard, Whitney Alexis, Angela Cantu, Mayte Guerrero
> Stylists: Michael Briales, Jacqueline Mariie
> Clothing:

> Card Designs/Order: Starboy
> Print Company:

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