WildFox Hunting

Find me where the wild things are.
— Alessia Cara in "Wild Things"
Wildfox in Los Angeles, CA

Wildfox in Los Angeles, CA

What girl doesn’t like to shop? When a girl has her mind made up a shopping trip becomes just like a hunt in the wild... trying to capture that elusive item that would complete the perfect outfit. One of the dopest stores I have hunted in yet was Wildfox in Los Angeles!

Not only is there style 100% me but the store layout is incredible... and so so cute. I have always LOVED their unique, killer lookbooks! Before I moved to LA I would admire from afar, growing their online store frequently but always wishing I could hunt in person. Well the day finally came for me to visit the store on Sunset in West Hollywood so I decided to create a photo blog of my first ever shopping experience at Wildfox! Ashley (the store manager) was SO sweet and extremely helpful with helping me pick out the best outfits... oh and not to mention letting me shoot in the store.

With a place like Wildfox there is always one problem... you literally want the whole store! No worries... I'll be back for my next kill.