Sokoloff Takeover


Hello my name is AVA… I have taken over the body and mind of earthling Emilee Miller… she is helpless now… and so is humankind. I came to this planet from my home world to initiate our hostile takeover. What earth beings think are mirrors are actually portals back to my home. We have found your weaknesses… and we will exploit them… the end is near. You are simple creatures… easily manipulated… easily controlled. Emilee can’t help you… nothing can stop the inevitable. By you seeing this blog my life force grows stronger… once I am strong enough I can transport more of my kind. We will continue to overtake models all over the planet… nothing can stop us. Look into our portals… feed into my energy… submit to your demise. I am almost there… I can feel my power growing. I will shed this body soon… and Emilee will have no knowledge of what I have done. Yes… yes… keep looking… YES...


> Clothing: Sokoloff Lingerie @sokolofflingerie
> Photographer: Cynthia Caraz
> MUA: Lea Begin