Stardust Photoshoot

Being made of stardust, we are much like a star. We shine with light, give warmth, and burn with inner fire. We don’t need outside energy... we are the energy.
— Anonymous
Laura Kay Saucedo

Laura Kay Saucedo

Every time I get in front of the camera I become the model, in every sense of the word. Often times I'm simply a representation of myself, while other shoots I transform into a new character entirely.

The moment I put on the wig and starry bodysuit I felt like I was one with the universe. It's as if the stars on my body were not printed but a magnification into my being. Scientists say we are all made of exploded star matter dating back thousands of years. We catch ourselves gazing up at the stars... maybe we are trying to get a glimpse of the future... our past... ourselves?

I loved channeling the energy of the unknown into this photoshoot with Laura Kay Saucedo. I was able to bring her vision to life and together we produced some great images. Enjoy!

> Photographer: Laura Kay Saucedo (Inspire Boudoir)